1. PolishJames

    I love watching women aging terribly

    It fills me with that weird feeling of pleasure and joy. They really Age faster than us. I know it may be a shitty cope but men watching them getting their skin saggy, wrinkles and loosing their traits meanwhile still being in their 20s is so fucking oddly satisfying. Every women hits Wall...
  2. Che

    The #1 trait that all losers have in common

    it´s the act of trying. Trying to be good at something. Trying to get a girl. Trying to get that promotion. The truth is the people that are at the top of their field never had to try anything. They were always the top dogs and always flew above the competition with zero effort. Every...
  3. StoicNihilist

    Feminiѕts are freaking out because dating app statistics are starting to Blackpill men.

    https://web.archive.org/web/20200110233911/https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/social-media/2020/01/how-she-ghosted-me-men-being-radicalised-tinder-data-0 In the article, a young man named 'Michael' used Tinder over a 3 year period and cataloged all of the data on his account over that...
  4. StoicNihilist

    "Sex Doesn't Matter"

    "Sex doesn't matter, it's not that important." That's what normies tell us. They say that sex is not important, nobody owes it to you, so you should just shut up and know your place as an incel subhuman. But sex is important. It is literally one of the 3 base animal desires, besides food and...
  5. P

    I know this was done but I'll ask only because i'm #CuRioUs

    There is this thread in the bluepill discussion asking what your ideal foid would be. Now here me out, let's say you didn't have your set of life circumstances and weren't blackpilled into oblivion and the chad only rule was not at play, in great detail, what type of woman would you actually...
  6. TheIncelosopher

    Even my therapists say the same bullshit of hope and optimism (Blackpill/reflection)

    I have had multiple therapists (one counselor, two psychiatrists) but when it comes to the topic of the black pill they don't help but repeat the same things over and over again. "Just improve yourself" "be healthy" "Change your personality, you have the free will to do so" "Someday, you will...
  7. Che

    Writing Blackpill is The Truth

    At the beginning, blue and red were the only pills. Redpill was drawing from paranoid internet subcultures, inspired by movies such as Matrix and “they live” (Carpenter), the Unabomber manifesto was another source of paranoid thoughts. The redpill communities were full of conspiracy oriented...
  8. NoHopeNoFear

    What do you guys think of this meme?

    The bit I like the most is the last section where it states the blackpilled are the "only bulwark against the forces of darkness in the human realm" and is "beyond enlightenment, seen into other planes of existence and fought battles there." It's pretty edgy and cringe tier but I like the idea...
  9. PolishJames

    Why humans are machines - biggest BLACKPILL

    We are just Animals, machines. There's no "free will". If you're ugly Untermench (below 5/10) or If you have major mental issues like Schizofrenia or Autism. Don't expect to be threated well on school. Normal, healthy people will reject and banish you. Research shows that humans starting their...
  10. NoHopeNoFear

    Fuelled by PURE BLACKPILL

    So pretty much the main amount of exercise I do is cardio, I run all the time, one thing I've noticed is that it is almost like I'm being driven by pure blackpills at this point. Physically I am male but conceptually I am not, just kind of like a walking egoless void. However whenever I see a...
  11. NoHopeNoFear

    MSTOW, the penultimate gigacope

    I remember way back when , back at the age of 15 finding MGTOW and all of the information therein. There was a video posted by stardusk saying "the good old days weren't so great" and that the 1950s era and whatever else was not as wonderful as traditionalists and others proposed it to be...
  12. O

    I'd Love To Talk To An Incel!

    Hi! I'm pretty sure you already aware of the fact that I'm a girl or 'femoid'...IDK if I used that right! Anyways, I'd love to have an open dialogue with an incel. Not as an experiment or for me to lecture you, but because I want to have an actual fucking conversation with some of you because I...
  13. Ayusan

    What made you hate/be discouraged by chicks

    Personally high school in general really did it for me. But I’d love to hear your stories
  14. NoHopeNoFear

    What to do?

    Ok, so in a couple years I'm expected to get a job and move out, learn to drive etc. However I'm simply too blackpilled to deal at this point, probably more blackpilled than a lot of people unfortunately. I've past the depression phase and now basically moved on to complete egoless and...