1. T

    I just discovered my friend is a slut.

    Today as it was nice weather I decided to go out and see an old friend of mine who is female. found her at another mate's of hers who was doing her hair. for a while she told me about her life and the usual boring shit we do every day till she starts boasting about how she has been making a...
  2. N

    Johnny Depp is a cuck

    He was cucked by Amber Heard multiple times with multiple people, men and women. There's a recording where he desperately begs her to cut him because he's too cowardly to cut himself like any 14 year old girl. In every recording he's a cucked bumbling baby while she's cold and in control...
  3. dogs47


    i don't fully understand this website yet. why is there only an option of hetero and homo. I'm literally so desperate for any partner in love (but its okay I'm pretty sure i need to love myself more first in order for that to happen but also I've heard that relationships can immensely help one...
  4. Lordgoro

    Young sl*t show her true colors,leaves her "old" husband when $$ ran out