1. PolishJames

    Truecel trait - Even your parents see You as betabuxx

    [This post is only adressed to incels that are currently employed and making more than minimal wage, aka. devcels or ITcels] Your parents see you as ATM, always asking for money "Honey we love you, can you borrow us some money?" If even your parents asking you for money and they went full...
  2. Wristlet_2

    "For men, looks may matter in hookups, but not relationships." - ITer foid JFL

    :honk: :honk: :honk: "just betabux bro"
  3. Oscura

    You guys stop being poor.

    In a study published Wednesday, research shows that women demand an income level higher than 58% of eligible bachelors. Broke men are hurting American women's marriage prospects. That's right, guys. It has nothing to do with women being unreasonable, or the economy being such utter shit that...