1. sleven

    Femoids at bars

    One of my few close friends made me go to the bar with him. It was the nightmare I expected it to be mostly sad excuse for whores trying to fuck every Chad in sight. My friend picks out this shy girl trying to get a drink and gets her in between us. She pretends to not want him to buy her a...
  2. S


    So essentially there isn’t much to this but I recently have been red pilled by some of my friends and the issues I’ve gone through in my life Let me tell you, my real name is kelvin and I’m 16 I had dated this girl for 2 years and let’s just say I’m not the biggest chad cus Im not a chad at all...
  3. bazzimine

    Asians Know Its Over (So are already Betabuxxing)

    That is Why Asian Countries/Governments are trying their best to take over the world economically (Out of Nowhere) so they can have money to cover for the fact that NO FOIDS want them so their only hope now with everyone knowing about SMV is being the Richest race cos we all know foids can...