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    [Based] Congrats to Grotesque

    @Grotesque For making cuck tears seethe with this one high IQ video.
  2. Oogabooga

    Based Homeland Bans tik tok If they were based enough, my homeland could actually become a superpower. Should do it tbh, I hate Nіgger c*nts and normie mayos that pull the same retаrded gay jokes, when all of them are smellier, thirstier and more retаrded than me, jfl these...
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    North Korea is based Based Fat man knows how to deal with degeneracy ngl. "North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has issued a plan to make sexual relationships between teenagers punishable by law following a rise in “sexual immorality,” according...
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    [Based] Congrats to Napoleon de Geso

    @Napoleon deGeso For making IT cucks seethe and being on CuckTears front page.
  5. Ricepill

    Incel lives matter

    I think I've heard this guy somewhere.
  6. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) I should give this camcorder a try on my CRT TV

    I´ve been thinking about this for some time, it performs very well when recording on a 144hz monitor. ( Although the camera records at 50hz, funnily enough ) Now... If i were to try it on my CRT TV, playing some PS2 games and whatnot... I wonder, since it is PAL ( 50hz ) the TV, the consoles...
  7. Oogabooga

    Based Supreme Leader cracks down on Changs and Stacy Chans He’ll be using digital surveillance to crack down on degeneracy and promiscuity amongst teens. Does anyone have his number? I think we need to give him a call.
  8. Oogabooga

    (Based) AOC is 16 across many US states

    Of course it’s not super relevant to us, but IT is always screeching about how we all wanna fuck kids, when most of the girls we wanna fuck are by and large legal where we live (even if we never get to) . This isn’t even addressing Europe where it’s as low as 15, sometimes less. So fuck off IT...
  9. Oogabooga

    Holy fuck, GIGABASED normie gets cucked only to turn the tables, soys cry in the comments

    Tldr: Nіgga suspected foid was hoeing with other nіggers, knew she’d abort if he accused her of cheating, WAITED for the baby to be born, took paternity test and got off scot free, left the hole as a single mother, and SOYS CRY IN THE COMMENTS ABOUT HOW HE’S “SOCIOPATHIC” AND “NEEDS TO MAN UP”...
  10. Oogabooga

    Holy fuсking BASED I don't care a whole lot about interracial roasties (tho based for exposing degeneracy), but the guy says he's gonna do the same thing but for OnlyFans! Based brothercelis out there trying to expose thots to the world and IRS...
  11. Oogabooga

    Tricking someone into sex isn’t rаpe

    tldr at bottom That video isn’t worth the energy it takes to click the play button, but in it, they mention the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” and bring up the scene where one of the nerds tricks a foid into having sex. Repeat after me: decieving someone into sex isn’t rаpe. It’s dishonest...
  12. Oogabooga

    Brutal bEaR pill Ngl, pretty based bearcel. Also, yes I ripped this from .co, if I’m not on...
  13. Oogabooga

    Incel World Order

    If we ever managed to sieze power, I feel like we'd need a baseline for laws. Our system would have to be based and representative of our ideals, so I came up with a few. 1. Men will be educated early as to the true nature of the wicked femoid, (((Disney))) propaganda will be thoroughly...
  14. Oogabooga

    Something I just thought of

    You know how toilets always have a billion notificiations on every messaging and social media app. I was wondering what it might look like for the average toilet on the above screen in this forum.
  15. Oogabooga

    St.Disabled Chad Made the Front page of Plebbit

    Based saint disabled chadcel, frame mogged by a brutal dogpill.Jfl. His account, if interested in seeing more
  16. Oogabooga

    We are the true feminiѕts

    We should have a thread where we post videos and articles of feminism in action so that the normies understand that we‘re actually on their side. A thread where we see KQWUEENZ enjoying the luxuries and equality that feminism has earned them, a thread where we celebrate women as our equals. I’ll...
  17. Oogabooga

    Humor the Bluepill for a Second

    I know, I know, “it’s soy!”, but just pretend you took the blue pill and have the same views that Inceltears and most normies have. Scroll for TLDR. Women are rational levelheaded beings. They value personality. It’s pure coincidence that they rate most guys as unattractive. There is no reason...