1. PolishJames

    I love watching women aging terribly

    It fills me with that weird feeling of pleasure and joy. They really Age faster than us. I know it may be a shitty cope but men watching them getting their skin saggy, wrinkles and loosing their traits meanwhile still being in their 20s is so fuсking oddly satisfying. Every women hits Wall...
  2. ortharzeal

    Soycial media users shouldn't be allowed to own homes or cars

    Why would these oversharing fаggots even need that other than for status purposes? It's obvious that they don't uave any boundaries to preserve. They are shallow NPCs with no personalities, so there isn't anything to bound to begin with. All normie """ownership""" does is blur the true meaning...
  3. ortharzeal

    Why I won't use "inkwell" in the meaning of "incel"

    I used to like doing that for lulz, but recently I've found out that ink-well is basically the same word as ink-pot. As I recalled some time afterwsrds, "ink-pot" is a slang word that is used for Slavic f*ids who go for chads from the Caucasus, akin to "coal burner" for BBC-chasing f*ids. On...
  4. ortharzeal

    Reminder to any "virgin but not incel watchdog of incels"

    She will never love you and she will never have as much sex with you as with an actual watch dog of hers.
  5. ortharzeal

    Another enforced monogamy model

    Some people don't like parental consent and don't like state-mandated gfs, so here's another one. Instead of making foids state property or having to appease the father (which is somewhat cucked), sub8 men are provided the opportunity to sign up for National Male Guardian Corps. Foids are...
  6. ortharzeal

    [Based]Chechnya on """"gay rights""""

    Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of Chechnya called """""LGBT rights"""" activism nonsense and claimed it is sponsored from the West. ""That's all an invention by foreign agents who are paid a few kopecks. So-called human rights activists make up all sorts of nonsense for money." Ramzan Kadyrov ended up...
  7. NuclearRedfield

    BASED Fascists! Woke about foids! Quotes.

    down below are a number of quotes I found on a fascist form that I just discovered 20 minutes ago. They are so based about women. Quote number 1."It's the lack of loyalty and the constant " sure you've done all this stuff for me and finance my lifestyle in the house you paid for, but what have...
  8. ortharzeal

    Foid mortgage

    In a couple of centuries, when the clown world will have collapsed, we as a raсe are going to need to come up with modern solutions to inceldom. Of couse there is the traditional model of father's consent, but a father could potentially ask a lot of money for the h*le. Escortcel threads about...
  9. Hidden

    [Good news] Old feminazi foid died. The old jewish hag is finally dead and burning in hell! She pushed the abortion & feminazi agenda in France.ѕt-dies-at-93
  10. Hidden

    [BASED] Egyptian foids get 2 years in prison for TikTok dance videos!

    "The w*men were also fined nearly $19,000 each for “violating the values and principles of the Egyptian family,” inciting debauchery and promoting human trafficking, according to a statement from the public prosecutor."...
  11. NEETard

    Where all my based and blackpilled truecels at

    Truecels rise up
  12. Hidden

    [Based] Congrats to Grotesque

    @Grotesque For making cuck tears seethe with this one high IQ video.
  13. Oogabooga

    Based Homeland Bans tik tok If they were based enough, my homeland could actually become a superpower. Should do it tbh, I hate Nіgger c*nts and normie mayos that pull the same retаrded gay jokes, when all of them are smellier, thirstier and more retаrded than me, jfl these...
  14. Hidden

    North Korea is based Based Fat man knows how to deal with degeneracy ngl. "North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has issued a plan to make sexual relationships between teenagers punishable by law following a rise in “sexual immorality,” according...
  15. Hidden

    [Based] Congrats to Napoleon de Geso

    @Napoleon deGeso For making IT cucks seethe and being on CuckTears front page.
  16. R

    Incel lives matter

    I think I've heard this guy somewhere.
  17. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) I should give this camcorder a try on my CRT TV

    I´ve been thinking about this for some time, it performs very well when recording on a 144hz monitor. ( Although the camera records at 50hz, funnily enough ) Now... If i were to try it on my CRT TV, playing some PS2 games and whatnot... I wonder, since it is PAL ( 50hz ) the TV, the consoles...
  18. Oogabooga

    Based Supreme Leader cracks down on Changs and Stacy Chans He’ll be using digital surveillance to crack down on degeneracy and promiscuity amongst teens. Does anyone have his number? I think we need to give him a call.