1. Augustan Isidor

    You're never leaving! Stop asking for bans!

    You will never leave this forum, unless of course you ascend or end up roping. Trust me, I've tried. Anyone remember @Castizo? Yeah that's me! Don't ban me @vcelguy, I swear I take my meds! Well shortly after a mental breakdown, I got banned and got sent to an EMS in IRL. Incarcerate in a...
  2. B

    Femoids on here

    Why? Literally even the ones who are respectful are still femoids, they won’t date us, and with the undercover Antifas who knows. They can pretend to relate, but will never relate. I truly believe no femoids on here should be allowed outside the bluepill or off topic categories. I seen multiple...
  3. R

    Reddit Alternatives?

    Reddit banned r/Incels a long time ago. Then they most recently banned r/Braincels ~ and the oppression continues onward. Voat lost its warrant canary and is going downhill fast, with the admin having disappeared for over three months. If anyone wants to check it out, I found this cool Reddit...
  4. Hidden

    r/Celouts got banned too

    It seems Incels are not allowed in reddit anymore.