1. sleven

    Femoids at bars

    One of my few close friends made me go to the bar with him. It was the nightmare I expected it to be mostly sad excuse for whores trying to fuck every Chad in sight. My friend picks out this shy girl trying to get a drink and gets her in between us. She pretends to not want him to buy her a...
  2. SaltedButter

    [Blackpill] I was blackpilled about 4 months ago because of my ex.

    About 4 months ago, I found out my (now ex) girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me with a coworker. She wanted to save herself until marriage because of her family's religion and I agreed despite being atheist because, well, I loved her and didn't want to pressure her. A year before I found out...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    All Women Are wh*res

    Don´let the title from this video misguide you, Jootube removed the original one from Alex. This is an excellent lecture on female nature. They use men as disposable objects, which takes a literal sociopath to do it. Soulless and accursed creatures, with no principle or a sense of guilt in...