1. Wristlet_2

    Being autistic may very well be worse than being ugly. Or at least a comparably big hurdle. (Autistic cels GTFIH)

    Ofc looks are everything so, by definition, being ugly is worse, but I think being autistic is, at least, comparable. I'm not autistic myself, but for a while I thought I could be due to my social skills being stunted, as well as effects from lifetime constant bullying being kinda similar to...
  2. SmooTQ

    Hello, Incel from Muslim background here !

    Hi, My name is Mohamed, from Morocco ... I am 30 years old virgin, programmer for a living. It seems to me like my situation is very difficult for two main reasons : 1- I have High Functioning Autism which makes it very difficult for me maintain eye-contact, show emotions and flirt like normal...