1. Wristlet_2

    Being autistic may very well be worse than being ugly. Or at least a comparably big hurdle. (Autistic cels GTFIH)

    Ofc looks are everything so, by definition, being ugly is worse, but I think being autistic is, at least, comparable. I'm not autistic myself, but for a while I thought I could be due to my social skills being stunted, as well as effects from lifetime constant bullying being kinda similar to...
  2. Total

    31 yo, serbcel

    Hey my brothers in failure and victims of bullshit and scumbags, God bless you. I am 31 failed slav-ogrecel with face and look of a child which in combination with autism and height of 6,2 turns me into dumb looking, head and shoulders forward, awkward parody of a man. Jfl at my misery lol.:D I...
  3. Iamthejoker2

    [RANT] Why do some of you try to prevent an incel from ascending? A rant from 10 hours ago.

    I dont get it. I really dont get it. Why are some of you like this? Why cant you just be happy for the guy? He ascended. Isnt that the goal? He did not betray us. He simply got to the finish line. Why are you berating him for ascending? It doesnt make sense. I felt joy and a little bit of...