1. TournelHenry

    Sluts assault Uber driver after they refuse to follow mask rules in his car

    Woman involved in San Francisco Uber assault arrested | KRON4 So, some slut from IG refuses to wear a mask during an Uber ride. When the driver asks her to exit his vehicle, she coughs on him, grabs his phone and rips his mask off. Looking at her further, it turns out she's an IG model. She...
  2. TournelHenry

    Guy shoves a woman off the bus after she spits on him

    Two passengers were in what seems to be an altercation. The guy called her "Disgusting". The woman spat on him (during a pandemic!). Then he angrily got up and pushed out of the bus, What's annoying is that after the guy pushed her, another woman said "What's wrong with you?". LOL. Where were...
  3. Wristlet_2

    Awkward teenager gets sexual assault charges for touching a girl's arm. Looks like we have a future hero here. Society is running out of ERs and training new ones I see :honk::honk:
  4. Henry

    What do you think of this?