1. Letmego

    Asian holes > white holes

    Is something wrong with me? My country is 99.9 percent white and our girls are known in world to be one of the most beautiful but i still find Asian holes the most appealing. O don't know but just something about them is better than white holes. Would pick an Asian girl over white any day...
  2. T

    My crush had 3some with black guys at party

  3. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...
  4. M

    I am LESS Blackpilled than Before

    Hello, I’m MountainYeti77, I’m an 18-year-old male from the US, and I’m a former incel. I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been listening to Blackpill content on YouTube for a while. I was an INCEL until age 17, and got rejected by many dozens of girls, of varying looks, social circles...