1. Oogabooga

    Oppai Loli?

    Oppai loli (She’s not really a loli, don’t send Mossad agents after me, REEEEEEEEEEEEE)
  2. NoHopeNoFear

    A drawing a day keeps the rope away.

    Saint Goro. Shading went kinda wack but essentially it's Goro after he's gymaxxed and ERmaxxed
  3. Kurdey

    Artcels thread

    any artists here? doesn't matter what kind of art, music, drawing, literature, painting, whatever. here i'll start.
  4. monkTorture

    Tarantula Chick Garden

    I am making this post/section for an incel Art Garden BUT I CANNOT UPLOAD IMAGES ?
  5. Oogabooga

    Just an Artcel Meme I made some time ago

    Nothing too complex, I used a simple color pallete with highly saturated hues to bring out the contrast of each mark, but the illustration was minimalist for stylistic reasons. I call it “Simply Based”.
  6. straberi

    what brings you peace?

    for me personally it’s music and art, just drifting away and making up scenarios in my head to the music i like or sketching up all kinds of characters for my comic book. i like pixel art too cause it’s atmospheric and calms my nerves, i thought about learning to draw and animate pixel art like...