1. Letmego

    I feel that my emotions and feelings are screwed up by my narcissistic father

    I think i once posted about it here or i didn't i don't remember. My whole family used to live in Russia i remember it was like a dream, at the beginning at least. I only recently found out how deranged my father was. I think it impacted my life from the beginning. I remember that he broke my...
  2. A

    Should I just give up?

    Should I just give up? 30 yrs old curry here, 64 kilos, 5ft6". I literally look like a matchstick figure. Haven't had physical relation in over 5 yrs. Suffered from various ailments in my life (skin diseases, mental disorders). The most recent one has me on my wit's end. I literally smell like...
  3. W

    Can someone explain my situation... 3 therapists couldn't

    Hello my name is Patrick. I am 21, reasonable looking face with a far better than average body, a chad body I guess you could say. I am at a good university, I am very athletic and compete as an amateur mixed martial artist, hoping to go professional by 24.From this you could say, what's wrong...