1. T

    How do you expect people to not be pissed off and angry living in a society like this

    How do you think people are going to react living in a society that praises evil people and punishes good people. How are people going to act when they realize doing ѕhit the “right way” doesn’t work and they themselves have to engage in immoral acts just to survive. “Finding the little things...
  2. jhanarth_chant

    Any single woman here????

    Any age or ethnicity. Idc if you're a beached whale or a skinny queen I love you all and need someone in my life. Pls message me on snapchat: jhanarth
  3. notyami

    I went to the gym today to start 2020 strong...

    Hello fellow incel family I finally left my room for the first time in a while and decided I seriously needed to lose some weight and finally attempt to better myself and change my life around. I went to a sports store and bought some gym wear, it was ridiculously overpriced however I had...
  4. T

    What I HATE and why i hate it

    So today i feel like venting had a frustrating day and year and LIFE overall with WOMEN and of course fuсking CHADS!!!!! i cant get a girl to pay fuсking attention to me seems like some people have easy access to them but for me its an impossible task i sit here on my desk annoyed...