1. V

    Can alcohol make you less fearful to commit suіcіde?

    I just want to kill myself but I'm afraid of death.
  2. Oogabooga

    Anyone else self harm at all?

    Gay "teehee" foid concept, but whenever I do it, I just punch myself pretty hard in my torse, sometimes even my face. I just wacked myself a couple times out of frustration, feel a bit better tbh. I don't do it often, just when I'm especially angry or frustrated. If anything, this just memes...
  3. Tupolev

    I've grown so tired, and so frustrated.

    Tired of the OCD, tired of the schizophrenia spectrum disorder, tired of the panic attacks, tired of the agoraphobia, tired of the social anxiety. But maybe even more tiring, is the bullshit psychiatrist who's medications DON'T FRIGGEN WORK! And tired of the therapist pretending that asking me...
  4. Mr.Toad


    Posted bout this before but anyway, So basically not allowed to talk to this girl who emotionally destroyed me , fuсking police obviously take her side cause she’s a woman , was wandering if there’s anyway to deal with my anger without getting into trouble with the police ?
  5. Jorami


    I was getting my ass kicked in this game, and It ENRAGED me. Usually, Im pretty good at it, but today was not one of those days. I was getting obliterated and I was getting more pissed and furious by the second. I growled and shouted at the computer screen in pure anger, I was so mad I started...