1. AdamKadmon

    The blackpill and bluepill when broken down to their smallest versions are essentially the real vs the ideal

    Whilst redpilled is recognizing that this world is a lie but still wanting to save it. Most atomwaffen, and alt right extremist believe this. They see the REALity that this world is a lie and want to bring change through violence. Which is understandable, the world is a closed book to those who...
  2. AdamKadmon

    The underlying theme in society, the thing that strings everything togeather, is hypocrisy.

    Vice is tolerable if it wears the guise of virtue. Hatred is tolerable when under the guise of justice. Why do you think inceltears is allowes to exist? Its following the modus operandi of this world. Incels aren't hated because we hаte women, that came later, we're hated because we're genuine...