1. Tupolev

    Initiate Sequence Lonely - Seven+ Billion Bags of Bones.

    How could it be that in a world of over seven billion people, we could feel so isolated, alienated, and alone? I can't count the times I've had encounters with females my age, wherein they could've pulled me out of my isolation chamber and helped me. But...they never did. It seems that millions...
  2. Tupolev

    The isolated become insane.

    We were meant to feel human touch and affection from the opposite sex from the time we hit puberty. But this never happened in our case. Instead we became increasingly isolated and alone as we aged. And so there was a giant void to fill. We tried to fill it with bizarre fantasies, many of them...
  3. K

    I cant stay in my parents house at 28 ..i just cant

    I feel so pathetic .. you wont even belive how much ... even if ill ever ascend i cant bring girls home .. i dont have a home .... i hate this place !
  4. JoBuyscars

    Forever single, forever alone

    I’m going to live single and alone forever. There is no hope for a man like me. Ugly, undesirable, and unwanted. I will never be in a relationship with a female, I have never touched a female, Ive never kissed, held a girls hand. It has been years and it is the same. Being single and alone. I’m...