1. smg

    Good looking but don't get laid (advice please)

    -- this is not a brag post, only to add relevant details -- Ever since puberty hit me like a truck, there's been a never ending stream off girls paying attention to me and friends teasing me for being a heartbreaker. To put into perspective I can count the amount of girls I've dated/kissed on...
  2. BlueballedGamer

    Advice Pls

    Hey ya'll. I'm a sophomore high school student and I was wondering if there is anything I should work towards at this age or avoid. I'm really interested in finding a future relationship with a female, but I also don't know if my brain can take a relationship. Any advice you'd just like to throw...
  3. hated_one

    Advice to all

    If you ever fuck women,dont make it older than 18-19 years old. After that they become old grandmaas you can see how old they become and lose attractivness. It cant be a good sex. I am at uni and those 21-22 years olds are old and ugly as hell.They can benchmark with 18-17 years old end.If yoz...
  4. LoneWolf666

    New here what should I know

    Already know everything about being a incel just from learning others beliefs but thought I should learn some more and talk to people that agree with me. You will probably be seeing me here a lot.
  5. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...
  6. D

    My problem right now with girls and how i should act

    Hello im 19 yo, 5'11 tall ,built alright not too skinny or musceler, i have a problem with a girl that id like to know what you think, so i met this girl"K" about a month ago throught mutual friends at a bar. At the beginning i got intrested in her we talked and id make her laugh at the bar...
  7. blobfishyeeyeeb

    Just found out who "incels" are, and have found this site... and I have a few things to say about it

    (This is the first thing I've posted on here, so don't kill me if I mess anything up) So from what I have gathered, Incel's are people, usually men, who involuntarily lack a sex life. Now I'm sure that not everyone on here generally has a bad personality, since that's a heavy generalization...
  8. J

    I’m a so called “chad”

    I guess I’m what you’d call a chad according to you guys. I party a lot. Have a pretty high body count. But now I’ve had a gf for awhile so my chad days are over. I just came here to learn about y’all and maybe give advice if you’re open to it. God bless. I’m red pilled btw
  9. Itsyagirlamy

    Advice from a girl!

    Hi! I go by Amy and I’m here to offer any help. I know a lot of you are going through a difficult time or have had a difficult life, I just wanna help clarify some things about women and help you guys move forward!
  10. Yikes

    Don’t Get Stuck

    Before I start off: I have no reason or interest in lying to any of you. I don’t think I’m even going to bother to check back after I post. I’m just genuinely concerned for a lot of you. I am: A bisexual female, so I have successfully experienced myself both being and dating women (so I’m sure...