1. Solo Disident

    People interested in talking about shitty/abusive families. Specially feminist ones

    Thought some people will want to talk about this. My parents have been gaslighting me for as long as I can remember. They abandoned me since I was a child. Didnt spent a minute taking care of their children wich make you wonder why they breeded in the first place? As for today Im pretty much a...
  2. Tupolev

    UPDATED: Report feature reminder.

    If you see a post on the forums that's in direct violation of forum rules, please use the 'Report' feature immediately. Reports will be checked periodically, and handled to the best of our ability. Also a reminder that the 'Report' feature isn't to be abused. It's primary purpose and intent is...
  3. Letmego

    I feel that my emotions and feelings are screwed up by my narcissistic father

    I think i once posted about it here or i didn't i don't remember. My whole family used to live in Russia i remember it was like a dream, at the beginning at least. I only recently found out how deranged my father was. I think it impacted my life from the beginning. I remember that he broke my...