1. UnDinkstered

    Abortion Topic

    So I've thought about making a list of arguments against abortion from myself, and pro for those, that I've heard from people, and decided to also counterargue them, and then upload here to everyone to see and think about it. And also to make the topics a bit more diverse and thoughtful, and...
  2. emily


    Many people on this website seem to share the same feeling that abortion should be banned because it is the woman’s responsibility to have the child that she is bearing. Do you think the same about women or girls who have been raped? Should they also have to go through childbirth and take care...
  3. bazzimine

    DO you guys oppose abortion or just White Abortion?

    Asking because coz BLACK MEN are more FERTILE so with all thing evens...even if abortions didn't exist , Blacks would replace Whites easily as they have the most FECUNDITY...Africa is the fastest growing population (just facts). So the only solution is to FORCE white foids to F*CK within their...