1. Uncommon

    The lbgt are hypocrites

    In this video, taken in the country of Chile, a man disguised himself as a nazі(he is not a nazі, he only disguised himself as a one in a social experiment to see the reactions of the people around) in a parade for "equality" and "respect" mostly full of lbgt members...and the "nazі" started...
  2. Uncommon

    kelvin garrapata, or kelvin garrah or whatever its called the abomination...its still lurking around?

    As a lot of members remember, a abomination called kelvin garrapata or something like that entered in this forum some days ago to make a video making fun of us and to make money with the ads of that video...that abomination is still lurking around with other accounts? because i think i saw a...
  3. Uncommon

    Toons of the 90s vs toons of the 2000s

    Just what the hell happened? the 90s toons are great in comparison with the 2000s toons. The differences era giant. Looks like the owners of the media and the SJWs had ruined everything. The television now its only worth to be seen because of the news, but not for the toons anymore.
  4. Uncommon

    Whats your opinion about the lbgt?

    I think the lbgt are no more than mental ill humans. They only talk about what favors them(like their parades) but never talk about what does not favors them(jeffrey dahmer, aileen carol wuornos, john wayne gacy, etc.). They claim to want equality but they only want privileges(like the...