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    Someone remembers the show "celebrity deathmatch"?

    In the late 90s and the early 2000s, there was a television show in the channel MTV called celebrity deathmatch wich made famous characters of clay and to fight each other in a fictional fight. Is sad the fact shows like this one would never be in the screen again because the jews, the...
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    I really miss the 90s...

    I know, i know, the 80s were the best decade...BUT, if you compare the 2020 with the 90s, the 90s were a paradise.... In the 1990s,, cartoons were made to be epic, instead of being made to be "political correct"... In the 90s, before the "Political correct" agenda of the feminazis and the...
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    Toons of the 90s vs toons of the 2000s

    Just what the hell happened? the 90s toons are great in comparison with the 2000s toons. The differences era giant. Looks like the owners of the media and the SJWs had ruined everything. The television now its only worth to be seen because of the news, but not for the toons anymore.